Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work Trips

Febuary was a fun month. James had to go down to San Antonio ever week for work trips and we went down with him 2X. It was good times at the hotel. We got to see James mom and dad down there, his brother Joe and his family, my Dad was in town with his new wife Debbie and my Aunt Beverly and her husband Jim.

I have caught this little guy sucking his thumb a few times.

I have a picture of Luke and James just like this so I made James pose for this one.

It was to cold most of the time we were there to go into the pool so the kids enjoyed the hot tub. There were two days that were warm enough but wouldn't you know it they closed the pool for cleaning those days.

Whoo Hoo Outdoor World (Bass Pro Shop) We spent a good two hours here. Great place!

Luke and Bella slept on the pull-out couch. They were so cute snuggling together

Royce completely loves his carseat now. I can put him in it whenever I need him to take a nap.

Look closely. He has a little Mohawk

Thats the I will get mommy to do whatever I want face

Grandpa George and Debbie

Three can be a crowd but more often the more the merrier.

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