Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Royce week 4 & cloth diapers

Royce finally had his 2 week check-up yesterday (he is actually 4 wks). Here were his stats.

25in tall
16in head

The kids a totally chunk completely off the charts in all categories. I shouldn't be surprised Luke was the same but it still amazes me that my babies are so big. Its those Mortensen genetics. He definitely isn't a rolly polly baby but he is solid just like Daddy.
Now I am going to brag a little (so stop reading if that will annoy you) Royce has by far been my most alert smiley baby, the Dr. was amazed and she said he is up to par developmentally with a 2 month old. He can follow an item back and forth, picks up his head and turns it when on his tummy and is just super aware and alert. The other day I stuck my tongue out at him and he stuck his out right back at me. Part of me thinks it is because he was late so he was still developing while those last three weeks but who know. We have been following the baby wise program and it works great and makes it so easy to figure out what he needs when he get fussy. He is generally a happy fun little baby.
Here is a picute of our little cave man right before his check-up. We started using the cloth diapers this week and it is working out well. My favorite brand is the Kawaii. They are a little more bulking but are more absorbent and are super cute and soft to the touch. I think they cost about $7 (that came with one diaper and 2 inserts) each which is a good price for the pocket style diaper.

Cleaning new born diapers is easy its when they start eating solids that it gets complicated (you have to rinse the poop then). I just pull out the inserts and throw them in a wet pail (Bucket 1/2 full of water with some baking soda in it) then when it gets full (usually ever 2-3 days) I dump it in the washer and do three cycles

1. cold rinse with 1/4 C baking soda
2. Hot regular cycle with chlorine free detergent (I make my own or I use Tide free n clear)
3. cold rinse with 1/4 C white vinegar

If you dont wash them this way they will start stinking dont try it just believe me. DO NOT use chlorine detergent they build up and smell so bad when urinated in!

I dry the inserts in the drier and hang dry the covers.


Sonya said...

Oh my goodness....he is huge and so cute! Can't wait to meet him in person.

Kathryn said...

He is definitely solid and so cute. I love the diapers!

Shari said...

oh what a little MAN!!!! he's adorable! wish i could squeeze him right now!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness he is a tank! A really cute tank. Your cloth diapers are so cute but how the heck do you clean them? I like the idea though. Its always fun looking at your blog posts, keep up the good work!
Heather Fabrizio

Sara Mortensen said...
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Erika said...

I can't get over those cloth diapers, sooo cute! So I don't know if you guys heard but we are living in San Angelo (about 4 hours away from Dallas) until September. We would love to visit and meet your new little guy once things settle down, let me know :)