Friday, October 23, 2015

35 weeks and counting

Baby Jonah will be here before we know it. We are planning another home birth with a local midwife. This pregnancy has been one of the more challenging ones for me. I am looking forward to having my body back and welcoming this little guy into the world. 

Spot Light on Our Darling Darling (Shiloh)

As the time approaches that our darling little pumpkin is about to be pushed up the sibling ladder I wanted to write a little about how wonderful this little girl is. She is everything a baby girl should be, Sweet and attentive, adorable, cuddly and chubby. The other day Bella and I were making buns and Shiloh crawled up on the counter to help us, she would pick up pieces of dough and carefully put them on the pan. She is very eager to please and happy to be obedient. If she is starting to get tired I ask her"Shiloh do you want to go lay down on your soft pillow" and she get a silly grin and giggles. She has no problem keeping up with her older brothers and putting them in their place when needed, She likes to wrestle and tickle and run.
She loves to be loved and will take many breaks a day to come and snuggle, kiss or hug anyone who is interested. She has a beautiful smile that lights up the room. She loves to dance and sing and although she doesn't speak a lot of words yet she is constantly talking in baby jabber including folding her arms, closing her eyes, and saying her own prayers. She loves getting dressed up in cute outfit, getting her hair done and putting on shoes, she also loves being told how pretty she is! Oh how this child is cherished. We love you darling Shiloh.
Shiloh is currently 18 months and 25lbs

James 34th Birthday

James had a quiet 34th birthday at home. Bella went to great lengths to decorate the house and James got a triple layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting. This has been a great year for James and our family a lot has changed for the good. He now has a new job that is a lot less stress on everyone (he rarely travels) and he get to work from his own home office (the silver duke camper). We love being able to spend more precious moments together. Love you handsome man! Happy b-day.

New sink faucet

When we were in Utah we got our sink faucet that used to be in our pleasant grove house. When we got home we installed it our kitchen. Now I just have to talk James into that apron sink from Ikea I want :) hint hint...

Home Sweet Home Missouri

Its good to be home after being gone for 7 weeks. I really like getting back into a routine with the kids. They had a lot of fun with shaving cream during this bath time

I walked outside one day and Royce had decided to wash the car for me. He later told me he wanted it to be shiny and new so other people would tell us how nice our car is. 

Myrtle Yesterdazes 2015: This is the one event that the town has a year. Below are the kids waiting for the parade at Grandpa Georges shop right on the main road. They got lots of candy!

They had real baby aligator and the kids got to pet them. We bought honey and pumpkins and there was a big turn out. Tons of people!

Slip n slide with baby shampoo. It made it very slippery

tractor train ride

Back to School. Although Luke is in public school we are still homeschooling Bella. She is such a good little girl and a great helper!

San Clemente, Ca Sept 2015

We had lots of fun in San Clemente in September. The kids love this place and it is so awesome that we get to go visit there once a year. Royce became a pro boogie boarder this year. Shiloh completely embraced the sand and everyone just had a good time!