Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sara's 32 Birthday

James sent me this email today: I just wanted to put it somewhere where I would read it again.

Hi Sweetie,

Happy 32!  Its a beautiful thing.  Look what you have accomplished.  Your dedication to God and our family!  We have 6 children who would not be here, would not have the opportunity to have life, someday be married and have children of their own without your day-in-day out good times--bad times committed love and sacrifice.  I would not have these wonderful beautiful people that I can call my children and be a father too.  You have given me so much joy and such a blessed life.

I hope you have a happy birthday.  I hope you remember, when its hard, what you have done for this family--and the eternal rewards that you will reap from rearing children to the Lord.  I hope you know how much I love you and am grateful to you for.

With all my love,

Your husband James

Thanks James! Love you.

Bella put on a puppet show for my birthday. Jesse was squealing with excitement, so cute.

After living here for a year I finally have a dish washer that is functional. James installed it for my birthday. Thanks Sweet heart.