Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Day

This was a week that helped our family to remember that life if not always easy but to persevere and things always get better. It started Sat night last. Luke wasn't feeling well, he had a fever and went to bed early. Sunday James was going out of town a week in Houston and La he wanted us to come since Luke didn't have school on Monday but Luke was still sick with a high fever, threw up and Royce also had a low fever so we decided to stay home and take it easy. Monday both Royce and Luke were doing better. We all missed James terribly so we decided to drive down and join him for a couple nights. Houston is about 5 hours from us. When we got there James met us at the Chick fil A for dinner and then got us checked into the hotel. I noticed at the restaurant Royce's fever came back and his eyes were bloodshot but I figured it would pass like Luke's did. James worked till 10 that night and I took the kids swimming and got them in bed. Then it began. Roy was up all night crying with a fever, we held him and gave him meds but nothing helped. James had to go back into work at 6 the next morning. The kids and I stayed at the hotel and Roy was so sick he threw up after breakfast and just layed around whining it was so sad. The hotel was full that night so we had to check out at one. We could not find another hotel within an hours range to check into. They were all full for an oil convention. Sadly the kids and I drove home since Roy was so sick and there was no place to stay. (James latter found a room that had a late cancellation). To make a long story short. Roy had strep throat Bella also got sick but was better within two days. I had a long week of sleepless nights.

 Thursday came around and I was so tired I didn't even wake up to take Luke to school, we all just slept in. Roy got on anti-biotic. We went to get some much needed groceries. At the store they had these cute carts. The kids love pushing them around and I loved them being occupied enough not to get into to stuff. win win!
 The water in the pool was finally warm enough to swim in and the kids had a good time

 We were so glad when Daddy made it home last night, he had some car problem but through it all he is here and we are happpy! Luke and Bella went to a birthday party and we took advantage and went out to dinner with Royce at Red Lobster (I had a major craving for sea food). It was so great I couldn't stop smiling.
 The best part was Roy was entertained almost the entire time with the crab legs, he watched us eat them and tried to crack them open himself it was so funny! I also took the leftovers home to the kids and they played with them for an hour they loved the lobster tail, shrimp and crab claw.

To sum things up this was a rough week but I think the rough times are what makes the good ones so great!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Luke Funny

Yesterday Luke was getting something out of the freezer and I said "hey buddy what are you doing"? He said "I am getting the ice I cooked up". I responded with "How did you cook up ice"? He then explained that in the morning while I was sleeping in Bella and him put water in a cup and then put it in the freezer to cook up some ice. Lol!

For as long as I can remember whenever we get fortune cookies with the kids James and I make up the fortune for the them since they are not really age appropriate. We tell them things like. "You will someday turn into a mermaid" or "You will go to your friends house tonight to play" just random whatevers. Friday on our way to take Luke to school he randomly says "How do they know so much"?! a little confused I respond with "What are you talking about Luke"? He says "The fortune cookies.............. They are so smart"! I just started to giggle and didn't respond. A few seconds later he adds (totally serious) "Are they spying on us???"! At that I cracked up.