Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer Mortensen Style

Here are some pics my mom took, they are no in chronological order at all.

 Jesse at family reunion in St. George. I love this pic because that is my sweet little boy in all his glory.

 Aunt Michelle and Royce, Jesse and Shiloh
Royce loves, loves. loves his aunt Michelle. He used to want to marry me when he got older now he wants to marry her. Cute kid.

 Driving out to Utah we stopped in Veil, Co and got pizza it was a nice little place

Swimming in the creek by our house in MO with cousins 

James at the family reunion in St. George

Brother in law Lynn helping Mario milk the cows.

My sister Rebecca is also having her 6th baby. She is due at the end of September. I never realized how much bigger I was than her.

James breaking Prince, the Royal pain in the bum.

I told Royce he had to get dressed so we could go swimming, he couldn't find his shorts so he decided to use his swim shirt for bottoms. lol

Sand Hollow State Park Swimming and side by side

Shiloh and cousin Megan they are about 5 months apart 

 St George temple after baptism taken by Betty (James Mom)

View from our condo in St. George 

Bella riding Napoleon

Royce quote of the day

James was putting the kids to bed tonight and
 Royce said "Dad, Dad, did you know that all the stars ares sun"?
James giggles
Bella says "Yeah just further away".

Earlier this week Royce looked at me deep in thought and asked "Mom, Did you name me Woyce". I looked at him very entertained and said "yes". Royce then said " and Bella, Bella". He proceded to confirm with me that I named all the children in our family their given name with a look of shock and enlightenment. So funny.

We have such awesome cute kids, love em!