Thursday, August 25, 2016

Provo Farm Kids picture

One Sunday morning before church I took some pictures of the kids around the farm. Now if someone could just tell me the trick to getting all my kids to look at me at the same time that would be great!

This one  is my favorite of all the kids together. 

This was my favorite picture of the day. Shiloh is a sweet little thing

Jonah 8 months

Jonah is 8 months old and has learned some new tricks. He has learned to pick himself up in a plank position and then lung himself forward that is how he is getting all around the house. He talks a lot saying mama, dada, nunun (food) mmm(milk) lella(Bella). He does not like it when you say UH Oh to him and loud noises make him cry. He is a sensative little guy and very loving, When I pick him up  he alwayswraps his little arms around my neck and rests his face on me in an embrace and sometime gives me a nice open mouth kiss. He is a Mamas boy and show strong preference for me. He still is waking up at least once at night to nurse and has 6 teeth. He is very strong and its hard to get something he wants out of his grasp. I walked into get him up from a nap the other day and this is how I found him. We love Jonie!

Luke's first football game

Luke had tons of fun at his first tackle football game. James is loving being involved in football, it is really a way for these boys to bond. 

Royce, first day of school

Its such a strange feeling dropping your child off for the first day of school. You and they have been looking forward to it, but as I dropped Royce of this morning I had a strange urge to just sit there and watch him play. I didn't want to leave and then the tears came and I was a little stunned (this is my third child going to school shouldn't I be used to it). Shouldn't I rush home and enjoy the few extra minutes I have have to myself today? And here I am sitting at my computer pondering. I have had this sweet little boy all to myself for the past five years, the starting of school represents a the end of infancy and the beginning young boyhood. He has always been so independent and adventurous and I know he has never really been mine, he belongs to Heavenly Father but James and I have had the honor to love and care for him almost totally now I get to share him with his teachers and school. What a blessing he has been and will be to all those he comes in contact with. I love you tenderly Royce Benson.