Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Farmer who worked all day and didn't get anything done.

Have you ever heard the story of the farmer who worked all day and didn't get anything done, Here is how it goes: On the way to the barn to milk the cow pne morning he stepped on a shovel and broke the shovel so he went to fix it and as he went to fix the shovel he saw the pig was out so he abandoned the shovel to get the pig and on the way to get the pig back in it pen he noticed his tractor was flat and so he left the pig to fix the flat... and on and so on.

Thats what I feel my life has been like for a while. I have it in my head that my home should look like a magazine, my sweet husband has gently pointed it out to me several time with good reason (He likes to say "we are raising kids not a house")... I am constantly on my way to do something and I see some mess that needs cleaning that completely side tracks me.Only to find another and another.,, Insanity is described as "doing the same thing over and over expecting different results" I think I might be going a little insane?  So..... tonight we came up with a plan

It was actually James idea. We are going to have 3 set times during the day to pick up the house, after breakfast, before dinner and before bed time. Other than that we will leave things be unless they are immanent to greater destruction or a safety hazard.

I am actually really excited about this I am hoping it will bring greater peace to mind and enable me to accomplish greater goals. I will report on the outcome later.

fingers crossed!