Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our Brave little Girl

Bella got a serious gash on her leg today. Her and Luke collided under an over pass and something ripped a big hole in her leg. She also hit her head hard on the cement wall but luckily had on a helmet. By time I got to her a kind woman was putting pressure on her leg and had called an ambulance. The ambulance and fire truck came, fixed up her leg and even gave us a ride to our house. The kids and I rode in the ambulance and the fire truck brought the bikes and stroller. I just have to add that the EMTs and Fire Fighters were sooo nice! I can't even explain how gresaful I am for there kindness. They even help me load the kids in the car so I could take her to the Insta Care. Luckily there was no fracture but the cut was so deep u could see her bone. She held still enough (with the help of a little Disney's Tangled distraction)that they didn't  have to send us to the ER for a sedative. She got all stitched up with about 20 stitches. She was so brave and is doing well.