Monday, February 9, 2015

Little chickies

my sister Heather had some chicks that needed special attention they wouldn't survive in the group that she bought. So she gave them to us two of them ended up dying that night the other three are still alive and growing fast we hope to get more soon.

Mammoth springs

We went to Mammoth brings another day and the kids love this old train car they can play on.

Royce's bum

Roy likes to go commando one day he put on his pajamas backwards and couldn't get the zipper up and walked around like that all morning You can look in the picture and see he has his little bum hanging out.

Tire swing

Like puppies

Even though we have separate bedrooms for the girls and boys the kids like to sleep in the same bedroom at night. It is really cute to see them all piled up on each other like puppies. Occasionally will even let Shiloh join in on the fun.

Hotel swimming

On the way back from Ohio we stopped at a hotel and the kids went swimming. We forgot Luke swimsuit so he wore Bellas hot pink leggings shorts. It was quite the sight to behold lol.

Charlotte's baptism

At the end of December we drove out to Ohio to visit my sister Michelle and so James could baptize my niece Charlotte. It was a fun trip we stayed there for a week and enjoyed spending time with her family. Shiloh loves her aunt Michelle.


Just a funny picture.

Mammoth springs

After church one day we stopped at Mammoth Spring Park it is on the border of Arkansas and Missouri, And we drive past it every time we go to church. The water there is very beautiful. James actually got in the water because of the spring it stays warm all year long there are fish in it all year long as well. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever get a normal family picture again with all these squirrely babies around

Happy thanksgiving 2014

We had Thanksgiving at our house last year. We had my sister Heather and her family and my mom over. It was nice having family around

Lumberjack James

James has taken to chopping wood since we got a wood furnace. At first we only had an axe which James accidentally chopped himself in the leg with (it wasn't good). But now we have a chainsaw and this nice outfit passed down from James Dad. Hopefully we won't have any more emergencies from wood chopping. Fingers crossed.

Royce's 4th Birthday.

Royce had his 4th birthday on January 27th. He was a very happy boy he got presents from Grandma's and mommy and daddy made him a ninja turtle costume. Royce is quite clever. If he can't get someone to get something for him or do something for him he figures out a way to get it done. We had hidden his birthday present from his grandma and he somehow founded and opened it the day before his birthday. He is very independent and things that I would expect him to still want me to help him with he wants to do all by himself. He also loves to help with everything and if you don't let him help he just does it when you're not looking which is kind of scary. We love our Royce. We are so grateful to have his special spirit in our family. He teaches us so much. He has started to help take care of the little siblings. Especially Shiloh. Who he calls his little fat face, with a mischievous grin.

The outhouse

Our house only has one bathroom and we decided to remodel it. It took about a week and while it was out of commission James took the old toilet dug a hole under it and set it in the field. That's what people use until we got the new toilet installed. We have the bathroom about 75 percent done now including the new toilet but I periodically see the younger children out there using the toilet still .

Holy Cow

James went camping Friday night with the young men. I decided to take the kids to the auction and buy a goat. this was the first auction I have been to and it was a little scary. I figured things out pretty fast and when they started bringing the cows out they were selling for really cheap. I couldn't stop myself from bidding and we came home with Violet. She is a 2 year old Holstein Jersey cross. She is about 5 months pregnant. We started milking her that night and have been getting about a gallon a day which isn't a lot . But we hope when she calves we will be getting more. She is really sweet and very friendly we got lucky with that. The kids have been enjoying the fresh milk and when we get a little more from her I will start making our own dairy products. I think James was pretty happy that we ended up with the cow and not a goat.

Jesse in the box

Sweet little Jesse boy in the basket.