Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday to Sara and ect.

I always tease James that he is the worst at surprises because he always plans surprises and then tells me about them before they happen. Well he has redeemed himself. For my birthday he surprised me by flying my sister out from Ohio. I havent seen her in 2 years. He was so slick about it. He came home from work the weekend before my birthday and said "Lets go for a walk". We went to the park and when we got there a group of people were at a pavilion but I still didnt catch on till James started walking over to them. He had been planning this for 2 months. I started crying when I saw my sister it was so sweet to spend the weekend with her.

my 30th birthday party (left to right) Mario, Heather, Mom Cherie, Me, Grandma Joann, Michelle, Dad George, Rebecca, Steven and James

Heather (James sister) invited us to there school carnival. It was a lot of fun, minus the part where we lost Royce for like 5 minutes. He is way to independent for his own good. When I finally found him by a bounce house he was completely unconcerned with where we were and more concerned about getting in the bounce house.

We went on an outing with Joe (James brother) and some cousin up in Sundance Canyon. We checked out a resort up there which was awesome. The kids had some fun playing on the statues

Handsome man

Some Sunday we like to go up to the bell tower at BYU and look for bugs and listen to the Bells. Here are the kids in some not so good lighting

Baby #5 is half cooked!

So we hit 20 weeks which means we are at the estimated halfway point for baby #5. This has been a mild pregnancy for me which I count as a huge blessing. Of course I was nauseous from 8 to 16 weeks but I wasnt hover over the toilet all day. My midwife gave me some prenatals I can take that don't make me sick they are from a whole food source. They are called Vitamin Code Raw Prenatals. Ever since I have started taking them my energy levels have been higher which is great! We are undecided on whether or not to find out the gender. My ultrasound is scheduled for next Monday so I guess we will decide my then.