Thursday, May 14, 2015

California Trip

We went to Ca in March and as always had a very nice relaxing time 

We got a chance to visit our friends the Syeds

Utah Trip

Our renters in Ut moved out and left the property damaged so we impromptu loaded up the car and headed to Utah in the beginning of March
We had to leave to kitchen sink at home... it wouldn't fit

It was so windy through Wyoming!

 Reunited with Grandma Cherie
 We and bought some sleeping bags and just slept in the basement. It was like camping

 cooking dinner on the grill cause the gas was turned off

First of March and New Camera

We got a new camera in the beginning of March

 Timpanogos Temple
 Here is the vanity I made. I need to post some before and after's of our bathroom its done now.
Our girl Violet
kids wrestling

 Frozen pond it was starting to crack here but it was frozen enough for the kids and cow to walk on

 The hug oak James cut down. Here comes next years fire wood
 The kids playing on the tree

 Princess the frog killer

 We went fishing at the 11 point river about 3 miles from our house we didn't catch anything :(

Royce caught some dirt