Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Abrahm is 3 months old today

He is a happy little guy. Always ready with a smile. He brings joy to every member of our family. He is still sleeping and eating frequently. I think he is happiest when he is in his mothers arms. We love our little Brahmmer cakes.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Abrahm Jesse's blessing

Abrahm's blessing was today. It was a joyous occasion spent with family and friends. I know blessing are personal and special but I would like put some of the words from Abrahm's blessing on here so we can remember and reflect. A sweet friend in the ward but wrote these words out for me, it was so touching because she did it without prompting.

"We express our love and adoration for this child as we bring him to thee."
Abrahm Jesse Mortensen.
"Have a blessed live, above all, seek to bring honor to your mother.
 Live a life that makes your mother proud.
 Find joy and happiness in obedience to the commandments which is the only true happiness. Through your experience as a child we bless you to develop a deep abiding love for your family. 
Your family is given to you to help you develop your divine potential as a joint heir with Christ. Bless you to live worthily. 
To be easily entreated by your parents.
To become a disciple and be baptized.
 Be an example.
 Be a fun-loving member of our family who contributes to the happy spirit in the home. 
We bless you to honor your priesthood as most important asset to you.
Develop your talents. The world has many challenges. 
Pray and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ that you may withstand the fiery darts of the devil.
Be a light in an increasingly wicked world- especially as a missionary
Blessed with a powerful Testimony that will change the hearts of many, including family.
We bless you to love your brothers and sisters.
We love you.
Heavenly Father will one day call you home.
As you listen to your parents, your family as they love you, priesthood leaders as they guide you you will return to live with Him.

I am so grateful for a righteous husband who holds the priesthood and is sensitive to the promptings of the spirit enough to give our son this beautiful blessing. What a precious gift this is.