Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week Update

 Earlier this week Luke said mommy come outside I have want to show you something. When I walked out he pointed to the note he wrote to me on the side walk. Ahhh!
 Luke's Kindergarten school picture. Such a handsome kid!
 Friday Fun Day! We were waiting for Daddy to get home Friday so we decided to have a little fun. Since it was 92 degrees we got the water out. The kids played in the kiddie pool with the slides and got the sprinkler out and put it on the trampoline at  first (didn't work so good) then put it under the trampoline (worked much better) and had a bouncy wet time. Royce was so funny. The whole time he was playing in the water he was shivering and making cold sound effects, he would go down the slide, get all wet, whine a little and then go back to do it again. lol, I guess it was bitter sweet.

 after getting dry and in pajamas the kids had a movie night. Royce is not usually interested in TV so I gave him a bin of cars to play with on the floor. I left for a couple minutes and came back to this. They were all snuggling and hanging out of the couch watching the movie. Lasted about 3 minutes
 Here is Royce just hanging out. Okay so we love the baby backpack. We actually owned 2 at one point a really nice expensive one and this old baby trend one. The baby trend one was actually lighter weight and more comfortable. Royce will literally hang out in this for hours on James back while he does yard work or anything that he needs to get done without baby getting into. I guess today while James was mowing the lawn with Royce in this he was singing a little song to himself. lol

The kids had another set of horse riding lessons today. They once again had a blast!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Royce's 2nd hair cut, goodbye rat tail

I was giving James and Luke a hair cut this weekend and I realized it was time to say goodbye to the pony tail. This was his 2nd hair cut, I have never cut the top just the back and sides when he was 6 months old (when we were on vacation in CA last year) I still just cut the back and sides, I just can't say goodbye to all his baby locks
 When you sons hair is long enough to do this in the back and only in the back it is time to say goodbye.
 braided (I saved it in an envelope)
I tried to get a good picture but he was super squirmy after holding still to get his hair cut plus what you can't see is the sucker drool and hair stuck all over his chest. lol.

Bubble Bath and beyond

What kid doesn't love a bubble bath right? The other day I realized I couldn't remember if Royce ever had one. Well he loved more than just playing in the bubbles!

This is how it started just having fun and playing. Putting them on each others head and laughing.
Then Little Roycie got them on his face which I thought would totally bug him. Nope he loved it and then started to eat them lol!
Our little bubble boy!

Bella's dirty look face, she is not having fun.

 So I have a ton of pictures of Royce swinging. There are two reasons: One he loves it!, two he is still so little he can easily hurt himself at parks and he often get tired since our play time goes into when he should be napping. The swing is my fallback, if I am exhausted of chasing him or he gets tired I can park him in one of these bad boys for usually like 20 mins before he gets sick of it. Swing are a must have at a park