Sunday, April 22, 2012

Royce's 2nd hair cut, goodbye rat tail

I was giving James and Luke a hair cut this weekend and I realized it was time to say goodbye to the pony tail. This was his 2nd hair cut, I have never cut the top just the back and sides when he was 6 months old (when we were on vacation in CA last year) I still just cut the back and sides, I just can't say goodbye to all his baby locks
 When you sons hair is long enough to do this in the back and only in the back it is time to say goodbye.
 braided (I saved it in an envelope)
I tried to get a good picture but he was super squirmy after holding still to get his hair cut plus what you can't see is the sucker drool and hair stuck all over his chest. lol.


Becky Sorenson said...

I love his smiley face. He and Brooklyn have the exact same hair. A little on top and long and in the back. I should think about trimming Brooklyn's...she is starting to sport the mullet.

Sonya said...

He's getting so big!