Friday, April 13, 2012

Bunny OB-1

Bella loves this bunny and has announced that she has adopted it and is its new mommy, but she didn't grow it in her tummy. lol

Royce also adores this little creature and wants to snuggle and hold it as much as he can. As you can tell he is still learning to be gentle but he really does well for a one year old

This is what was left of the pizza after Royce got a hold of it. Either he was really hungry or it was good!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Horse Riding Lessons

A few weeks ago the kids had a horse riding care lesson with a sweet girl named Alee. Turned out she was a member of the church and the kids had so much we scheduled another lesson. They both actually road the big horse solo, turned and backed up. Seriously this teenager has teaching talent, I don't know if I have ever even done that on a horse.

I just had to throw these on here. In the one below, a sweet lady at church gave the kids Easter Ring pops. I was letting them eat them in the car on the ride home. This is how we found Royce when we went to get him out of his seat. We had a good laugh.

Royce is growing up, he is getting so smart and is still just a walking smile. It is hard for me to believe sometimes that he is my child, he is so beautiful and so tender and sweet. I am blessed to be his mother.

Easter 2012

We had a really nice Easter weekend. It started Sat, we went to two Easter egg hunts which the kids loved! They totally loaded up on eggs filled with candy.

 James bought the kids cotton candy man do they love their Daddy!
 Royce couldn't get enough of this stuff he made a total mess of him self. It was dripping down his chest
 At the first Hunt some friends from our ward showed up and were selling baby bunnies. My sweet husband bought one for the kids before I had time to interject. So we have an adorable new little pet. It actually is really low maintenance we just have it in the back yard in dog crate. We feed it hay that is growing around our yard. The kids named him O-B 1 Keno-be.

After this picture my camera died and I didn't get the new charger till Monday (Royce has a thing with charger cords, they magically disappear) So this is it for Easter but we had a great peaceful Sunday. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Royce was so funny, while the kids where discovering there baskets and new toys Royce walked around opening up all the hidden eggs and eating the candy out of them (Some wrappers and all) I'm not sure how much candy he ate but it was a lot.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break March 9 - 23, 2012

Our first stop was Oklahoma where James had a work appointment. The kids are playing at the mall at the coin operated ride things.

Silly face Royce looking at me through one of the play cars front windows.

On our way to FL we got to stop in and visit some of our favorite people. James cousin Jessie and her husband Brad in Fort Rucker, Al. We got to stay two days and loved it! We caught them just in time because they are moving back to Utah in a few weeks. Brad was in the process of finishing up his Black Hawk training for the National Gaurd.

The kids had a blast with there "cousins" they were making pizzas in this picture. SO fun!

Sweet beautiful Jessie with baby Bruce and Kate

They got to go down and see the Black Hawks flying one day. I think they even saw Brad land one!

Whoo Hoo the magic kingdom. The children really had a wonderful time and are still talking about it.

One seriously happy little girl!

Royce had the giggles on this ride. It was so sweet to see his little face light up.

We met Rapunzel and Ariel (my camera died during Ariel). These are Bella's two favorite princesses and she was so excited to meet the real ones. After waiting 30 min to see each one she was too scared to actually talk or touch them so Luke did the work for her. What are big brothers for!

At Cocoa Beach, it was a really nice beach minus the crazy spring break parties going on. Lol, James nor I had ever seen anything like it (except on TV). Next time we will try and find a less popular beach.

It was beautiful water and nice sand with big sea shells.

Hanging at the hotel pool. We went almost everyday for several hours.

I love this girl!

Classic Royce happy face. He loves the water! and is very adventurous in it.

This is Royce waving hi during a driving break at Chick-fil-A

Eating ice cream (chocolate covered potatoe chips in vanilla with salted carmel, disgustingly good) in the bath tub in Lafayette, LA on our way home! We drove over the Mississippi river which was beautiful, and we also went over a huge bayou which the kids loved cause they were looking for alligators.

Berry Family 5k

We ran our 5k March 24th. It was such a fun Saturday morning. The event was really geared towards families and it was for a really good cause, its called the Berry family 5k and was for a foundation started for a family who got in a car accident last summer. Both of the parents were killed and the 2 oldest boy 8 and 6 were left paralyzed from the waist down, the four year old girl only broke her leg, it helps raise money for this family and others in similar situations.
I ran it with Bella and Royce in 27mins and James and Luke came in at 40 mins. Poor James had his stroller wheel fall off a couple times while running and Luke actually ran some of it! He was such a good sport, thanks for supporting me babe! Over all those are really good times for both of us, and we hope to do this event again next year.