Friday, August 3, 2012

Homemade cherry frozen yogurt

Our family loves frozen yogurt bars but it gets pricey taking 5 people out, and since we had a ton of yogurt from my previous post i decided to give it a go at home. Fyi you need an icecream maker.
Heres how i did it.
1. I strained the yogurt to thicken it. I did this by placing a cheese clothe in a collander that was inside a bowl. I pored the yogurt in the cheesd clothe and pulled the clothe closed over the top. I put it in the fridge and let it sit 3 hours. (This is also how you make greek yogurt:-).
2. Mean while i chopped up about 1.5 Cups of cherries, placed them in a bowl and mixed in 1Cup of sugar. I let it sit in the fridge probably an hour to develop its juices.
3. At dinner time i turned on the ice cream maker and put in 4cups of yogurt and cherrie mixture for about 30 mins. (This will depend on your machine).
4. Served with chocolate syrup and yum! It went so fast i didnt even get any picture. We will definately do this again and try out some new flavors!

Boogy Boarding Divas

Bella loved boogy boarding at the beach and Luke got really good at it evem going out and catching some of the big waves with Daddy. (The middle pic is of cousin Brynna catching a wave and Lukes head popping out of the water behind her)