Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy 8th Father's Day

James decided he wanted to go camping for Fathers Day. We went with James brother in law Curtis. It was dirty and fun. I was scared that I was going to lose one of the little boys (they kept wandering off) so we didn't stay as long as I would have liked but such is life with 5 little one
 The kids had a blast, its amazing how much fun a stick and dirt become when your camping

Royce, Emma, Brynna, Hannah, Bella, and Luke

 Our happy little Pumpkin

 On Father's Day we had my Dad and my sister Heather and her family as well as my Mom.

 Jesse wanting some grub

After camping neither of us wanted to go to the store so we just made whatever food we had in the house for Father's day. That included a whole wheat pineapple upside down cake. It was pretty good.

Bella's half Birthday

Little Bella's birthday is in between Thanksgiving and Christmas because of this the poor child has only had one actually birthday party so I decided we should have a half birthday party in the summer for her. It was a surprise bellow are the pictures of her finding out.
 She was shocked
 and happy
 bubble gum cupcakes and lemonade
 She got a mermaid tail towel. Such a cute idea!

 Bella is timid and this is her being shy, excited and happy all at the same time.
 New ballet slippers for her summer ballet class
 Good times in our backyard

May and June Update

We dubbed this summer the summer of magic because the kids have really been into witch books. Luke has also given members of our family witch names. He is Luca von Dracula, Bella is Dibellica, Royce is Bitty Vicious and I was named Beara Death Wartensen. lol

 The kids look forward to Friday movie night all week long.
 We road our bikes to the pond in Cedar Hill and the kids and Dad Swam

 We have 3 splash pads within 20 minutes of us. The kids love these places

The kids made artwork for the Strawberry Days kids art contest unfortunately we went camping when the submission were to be turned in but they still had fun making them

 This is Luke's. He wanted to make a color wheel so we decided to make a tree color wheel.

bella's rainbow dolfin


 Abrahm and Royce created this 

 The garden has started producing.We have lettuce and radishes, cilantro and soon zucchini.
 oh and lots of herbs 

We came home  the other day and found this Mama dear and two babies just walking my our house. They live in a field near our home. SO cute!
 We parked and Royce and Abrahm tried to follow them but they were already gone but we found this snake instead
 Just a pic of our house we have been spending a lot of time working on the outside and yard.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shiloh is 2 monthss (and a half)

Our Awesome little girl is growing fast. We AdorĂ© her (punn intended). 
 Little Royce loves his baby sister and is generally really gentle and sweet with her. If only I could get him to leave her alone while she is napping.

 Shiloh likes her carseat and  sleeps in it often at night. I think it helps her feel snuggly and secure. She also loves having a blanket on her and usually gets a big grin when I put one on her. 

 Girlfriend also loves her swing. If she starts getting cranky and is having a hard time falling asleep putting her in this usually does the trick. Thats where she is at right now!

 This little girl is so full of happiness and joy. She is so pleasant to be around just brightening everyones mood. I just love happy babies. Here she is while we were camping over Fathers Day weekend.
 Here is Shiloh during some tummy time. She actually loves it and smiles and giggles when I put her on her stomach but after a few minutes she get tired and wants to roll over.

Here are my girls. Is so fun having Bella around to help me girlify Shiloh. She picks out cute outfits and helps get bows and just gives her lots of love and attention. Bella got some new overalls and had to put Shiloh's on her too so they could match, so cute!