Friday, April 18, 2014

Shiloh week 2

At our two week home visit Shiloh weighed in at 9 lbs 15 oz. I could visibly see that she had grown. Its amazing how one pound makes such a difference. As the midwifes assistant was weighing her I couldn't help think wow she has grown and then wow I cant believe Abrahm was bigger than that when he was born.
Poor little girl caught some bug and has been struggling with a cold she isn't too snotty but her lungs get tight and I have been steaming her in the shower regularly. She has been sleeping really well but I have been so concerned about her it has been keeping me up at night. She seems to be improving so hopefully it will clear up this next week.

Yay we got our fence put in this weekend and got padlocks on all the gate. He he the kids are stuck!
This is Mario my brother in law digging the post holes

Shiloh meeting Aunt Heather

 Shiloh is two weeks in this pic and this is her preferred place to be... Me :)  I don't mind I like being close to her too

 Oh and Jess (or should I say Albert Einstein) got his hair cut today. His hair is so pretty its blonde and beautiful and the texture resembles that of a troll doll. Very wiry and sticks up everywhere. This was actually a mild hair-day for him.

Man that is a good looking kid :)

Shiloh Week 1

At 5 days old my midwife came over for a checkup 
Ms. Shiloh was back at her birth weight of 8lbs 14oz and doing great

Shiloh meeting Grandpa George (Sara's dad)
 My dad said he it was like deja vu, he thought she looked like me, she does stongly resemble my baby pictures but I think she has James eyes.

My niece Hailey was on spring break and came over to help with the kids for a couple days. She is such a sweet soft spoken little girl and very helpful at entertaining children.

 This was day 7 and our first outing. I was actually terrified to take all five kids out in public by myself and postponed it as long as possible. We finally had to go get groceries and went to Costco. She slept the whole time, no big deal. lol

Royce is just silly