Friday, April 18, 2014

Shiloh Week 1

At 5 days old my midwife came over for a checkup 
Ms. Shiloh was back at her birth weight of 8lbs 14oz and doing great

Shiloh meeting Grandpa George (Sara's dad)
 My dad said he it was like deja vu, he thought she looked like me, she does stongly resemble my baby pictures but I think she has James eyes.

My niece Hailey was on spring break and came over to help with the kids for a couple days. She is such a sweet soft spoken little girl and very helpful at entertaining children.

 This was day 7 and our first outing. I was actually terrified to take all five kids out in public by myself and postponed it as long as possible. We finally had to go get groceries and went to Costco. She slept the whole time, no big deal. lol

Royce is just silly

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