Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ice Skating for FHE

Here are some movies I finally figured out how to download One is of the kids ice skating. The other two are from the first time the kids went sledding at Rock Canyon park in Provo.
Sorry videos are under construction

April Update

We made  Bella an Arora (is that how you spell it?) wig and they boys took turns trying it on

 Luke started playing soccor this Spring and is really enjoying getting out there and moving his body He is in the orange shorts 

 My Dad Grandpa George came over for dinner one night.

 So I woke up one morning walked into the kitchen and found every single childs cup and bottle filled with water and place in a row on the counter. Thanks Royce.

We got to spend my Mom's birthday with her. Happy Birthday Grandma Cherie. I think she really enjoyed that Apple Pie. (LOL just kidding)

 One day the kids decided to have a sale. They sold exactly one Avacado and like 4 bananas all to James and I

 Lehi Fun Center, the kids loved this place, I did not. It was crazy busy on the Sat we went and of coarse we lost Royce. Not so fun.

Bath time in the sink

Camping Over Conference Weeke

We bought a camper trailer! and put it to use over conference weekend. This is a vintage 1968 streamline Duke. It may not be as deluxe as some of the newer campers but it sure made our camping experience much more comfortable. We went down to Utah Lake

“Life is a journey…lots of fun when you’re two and naked!” james contribution