Thursday, May 9, 2013

Abrahm is 7 almost 8 months old

Our little man is getting crazy! He has learned to army crawl the last two months and he can move it. Getting into all kinds of stuff. The baby gate is pretty much a permanent fixture on the top of the stairs. The older children love having him for a little buddy and are constantly wanting to hold and play with him. He has 6 teeth now can say Mama (first word) Dada and Lalalala which we interpret as Bella since Royce still calls her Lella. He is just a joy to be around. He loves his Mama which is a nice balance because Royce is a total Daddy's boy!OH and he LOVES food, he still likes his milk but man he can put it down, he reminds me a lot of Luke. He just eats and eats and eats whenever anyone else in the family is eating he wants some.

A couple months back I bought Abrahm some footy pajamas from Costco which I love but he kept kicking his feet out and getting them stuck up bent by his stomach. At first I thought it was because they were a little big but he has fully grown into them now and he is still doing it. I finally realized one morning when I was looking at him with no clothes on that he has some serious short little legs and a really long torso. Then a couple days later James was working outside and I noticed he has the same build. Like Father like son lol!

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Becky Sorenson said...

He is SO cute! I'm so excited to see you guys this summer! Keep updating :)