Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August and Labor Day Happenings

 We road our bikes 23 miles from our home in Provo up to Bridal Viel Falls and back. Luke(7) and my Mom (56) road with us. Very impressive! and good memories

Here we are at Bridal Viel falls

Another happy baby picture

After Church one Sunday Royce fell asleep at the table during lunch! So funny!

Royce's new favorite thing to do is read stories, he brings stories to James, Luke and me, and says "read to me" if one of us is busy he just rotates through us over and over again till he find someone to read to him. So cute!

This is where I had my bridal pictures taken
(its accross the street from the Dinosuar Museum)

Lukes first day at his once a week charter. We are still homeschooling but once Week he goes to school all day for options day. He does all electives so the classes he is taking are piano, tumbling, lego robotic, art, cooking and one more but I cant remember what it is.

Royce and my Dad George

Labor Day Playing Cowboy. We went up to Heber to my sisters and went and rounded up some cattle.

Family Reunion 2013

Here we are at the cemetery where James ancestors that traveled across in the Willy Martin Hancock company

 James middle is Peter and Abrahm is Jesse they are names taken from this line.

 Family Olympics

Zions National Park

 Spit bubbles anyone

 Luke getting his boogy on

 Swimming Party

 Swimming Olympics

Kisses for Grandpa Marc

Luke's 7th birthday!

We had a little birthday party for Luke at the park. He was so pleased and he got a new mountain bike (with gears) He totally earned it after doing a 11 mile bike ride in California. 
He is such a good big brother and a wonderful oldest son. He is very aware of his siblings and is willing and able to to help.

Funny quote of the year:

We were driving in the car and Luke was irritated at James and I and he say in a sassy tone

"You know I can't trust you guys with time"?

James and I looked at each other confused and I asked

"What do you mean"?

His response was

"Well sometimes I ask you what time it is? and you say 1:30 and its really 1:32! I just can't trust you"!

James and I looked at each other and tried really hard not to laugh.

Love you Luke.

July Happenings

My Mom, the Kids and I ran a 5k from the Provo temple to the new temple they are making from the tabernacle. Lots of fun we did lose Luke at one point but I eventually found him hanging out with a police man. Smart kid!

Pioneer Day! Have I mentioned I really enjoy living in Utah. Its been so fun having so many family activities avaialable all the time. Our calandar is always full.
These pictures were at the 24th of July celebration.

San Clemente California 2013

This is my best friend Tracie (she missed me alot)

 Lukes first friend Samson, his little sister Seri and Bella
 Bella made this mermaid doll out of clay she is always shocking me with the things she makes

Abrahm and Royce on the deck saying goodnight to the sun

Yay! for the park

 I can't get enough of this cute smile

Bella leg had to be wrapped in plastic the whole
time poot thing!

 The highlight of the trip was Luke boogie boarding he has gotten so brave and so good at it. Him and James would go out and catch the big waves.

July Forth Weekend 2013

We road our bikes up to the Provo Temple to watch the fireworks. We took the kids on a little trek down memory lane and stopped at the gas station James and I met at in 2004.

Seriously happy!

My sisters Heathers Kitten

Visit from Texas

My girlfriend Kathryn and here family came to Utah this summer and we got to meet up with them and meet their new baby Dallin Royce (great minds think a like right!). It was great seeing you guys!

Family Pictures Summer 2013

We finally got family pictures taken with litttle Abrahm. Here they are. We took them at the park across the street from our home.
The Loves of our life!

Luke James 7

Bella Elise 5

Royce Benson 2.5

Abrahm Jesse 10 months

 To say these two are kindred spirits would be an understatement! They love each other!

Royce was having a hard time so we bribed him with marshmallow until we got a smile out of him:)

James Peter 30 (the other Love of my life)

8 years and still kicking