Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August and Labor Day Happenings

 We road our bikes 23 miles from our home in Provo up to Bridal Viel Falls and back. Luke(7) and my Mom (56) road with us. Very impressive! and good memories

Here we are at Bridal Viel falls

Another happy baby picture

After Church one Sunday Royce fell asleep at the table during lunch! So funny!

Royce's new favorite thing to do is read stories, he brings stories to James, Luke and me, and says "read to me" if one of us is busy he just rotates through us over and over again till he find someone to read to him. So cute!

This is where I had my bridal pictures taken
(its accross the street from the Dinosuar Museum)

Lukes first day at his once a week charter. We are still homeschooling but once Week he goes to school all day for options day. He does all electives so the classes he is taking are piano, tumbling, lego robotic, art, cooking and one more but I cant remember what it is.

Royce and my Dad George

Labor Day Playing Cowboy. We went up to Heber to my sisters and went and rounded up some cattle.

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