Tuesday, September 3, 2013

San Clemente California 2013

This is my best friend Tracie (she missed me alot)

 Lukes first friend Samson, his little sister Seri and Bella
 Bella made this mermaid doll out of clay she is always shocking me with the things she makes

Abrahm and Royce on the deck saying goodnight to the sun

Yay! for the park

 I can't get enough of this cute smile

Bella leg had to be wrapped in plastic the whole
time poot thing!

 The highlight of the trip was Luke boogie boarding he has gotten so brave and so good at it. Him and James would go out and catch the big waves.

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Tracie said...

Just realized today I haven't looked at blogs in SO long! Love all the pics! Samson was making his b-day party list and Luke was on it, lol. Miss you guys!!