Saturday, August 26, 2017

Summer 2017 (Shilohs 3rd birthday) (Roy k grad) (12th anniversary) (football) (jacksons/grandpa/gradnma visit

We had a wonderful crazy summer. In April we rented out our house in Provo and went into contract on a new house in Washington, Ut. We bought a 1970s camper trailer and moved into it for 3 weeks while we were working on buying the house. We also stayed in San Clemente for 2 weeks. It was so much fun to live so freely we had very little household responsibilities and spent everyday outside enjoying the world around us. We just got to play, play. play. James, of course, had to work so every day we needed to make sure he had access to the internet. After 5 weeks we were ready for some stability again and we moved into our home in Washington. Shortly after we found out our renter in Pleasant Grove was moving out. After much prayer and deliberation, we made the decision to move again back to our home in PG and we rented our house in Washington. We see the Lords hand in all that has happened and are so grateful for our children and each other as well as the extended family that makes our lives so full joyful. Pictures below are from April to Aug 2017. No particular order
Shiloh celebrated her 3rd birthday on April 3rd. Bella made her a mermaid fruit platter in lieu of a cake. We are nutritarians!
 these pics are from Sand hallow where we stayed for a week in our camper. A truly beautiful place.

We picked up cousin Jackson from Las Vegas and he got to spend the night with us.

Im the most popular person in the family most days

Jonah like getting himself in little crevices

Forth of July weekend with Grandma Cherie  and Grandpa George

 Im taking a break from long hair. I cut it shoulder length

Aunt Michelle and Charlotte came for a visist. We went to temple square.

Jesse is the funniest kid in the house right now. He is starting preschool this year

Royce lost his bottom teeth

1st-grade tackle football for Roy and 5th for Luke

This was late Aug we went to the Manilla pond in Pleasant Grove. We bought a kayak paddle board and took an air mattress. So much fun!

Some people let our kids use their blow up Swan

Meet pepper our sweet bull dog

we went to Chick fil A in AF for a stake charity event

We went to lots of fun parks this summer

Car show with Grandpa Marc in Hurricane. Still living in the camper.

Living in the camper

Bell dressed as Bell

Family San Clemente

Roy k graduation

When we were in San Clemente we went up to visit Grandpa and Grandma Lindorg and Uncle Bruces graves.

Beautiful Roy

In our new house in Washington Roys Lego creation

San Clemente for 2 weeks

anniversary pics

the ship church

super buff James Lol. Dont tell him I posted this

Roy graduated from kindergarten at the end of May from Coral Canyon Elementary. He only went there 3 days

James and I had a really fun 12th-anniversary trip here we are hiking. My mom came down and watched the kids for the weekend 

This is my favorite one

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Jonah's first prayer

Last night I was putting Jonah to sleep. I was saying prayers with him and I noticed that he was repeating my words. I guess he has noticed that's what the other little kids do. So we went with it. It was a very sweet moment for me as a mother hearing his gentle little voice thank our Father in Heaven for all his brothers and sisters, Mama and Dada, puppy and kitty's them hearing him say amen. It was Jonah's first prayer.

Monday, February 27, 2017

It's hard to share

There having a hard time sharing my breakfast smoothie.

My Bella

Practicing the piano

Friday, February 24, 2017

Bellas giant icecicle

Its a winter wonderland right now