Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shiloh is 2 monthss (and a half)

Our Awesome little girl is growing fast. We Adoré her (punn intended). 
 Little Royce loves his baby sister and is generally really gentle and sweet with her. If only I could get him to leave her alone while she is napping.

 Shiloh likes her carseat and  sleeps in it often at night. I think it helps her feel snuggly and secure. She also loves having a blanket on her and usually gets a big grin when I put one on her. 

 Girlfriend also loves her swing. If she starts getting cranky and is having a hard time falling asleep putting her in this usually does the trick. Thats where she is at right now!

 This little girl is so full of happiness and joy. She is so pleasant to be around just brightening everyones mood. I just love happy babies. Here she is while we were camping over Fathers Day weekend.
 Here is Shiloh during some tummy time. She actually loves it and smiles and giggles when I put her on her stomach but after a few minutes she get tired and wants to roll over.

Here are my girls. Is so fun having Bella around to help me girlify Shiloh. She picks out cute outfits and helps get bows and just gives her lots of love and attention. Bella got some new overalls and had to put Shiloh's on her too so they could match, so cute!

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