Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a really nice Easter weekend. It started Sat, we went to two Easter egg hunts which the kids loved! They totally loaded up on eggs filled with candy.

 James bought the kids cotton candy man do they love their Daddy!
 Royce couldn't get enough of this stuff he made a total mess of him self. It was dripping down his chest
 At the first Hunt some friends from our ward showed up and were selling baby bunnies. My sweet husband bought one for the kids before I had time to interject. So we have an adorable new little pet. It actually is really low maintenance we just have it in the back yard in dog crate. We feed it hay that is growing around our yard. The kids named him O-B 1 Keno-be.

After this picture my camera died and I didn't get the new charger till Monday (Royce has a thing with charger cords, they magically disappear) So this is it for Easter but we had a great peaceful Sunday. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Royce was so funny, while the kids where discovering there baskets and new toys Royce walked around opening up all the hidden eggs and eating the candy out of them (Some wrappers and all) I'm not sure how much candy he ate but it was a lot.

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Becky Sorenson said...

Royce sounds just like Brooklyn on Easter...she ate candy ALL day long and went from one basket to the next picking out what she wanted.

Glad you guys had a fun Easter weekend!