Monday, February 9, 2015

Holy Cow

James went camping Friday night with the young men. I decided to take the kids to the auction and buy a goat. this was the first auction I have been to and it was a little scary. I figured things out pretty fast and when they started bringing the cows out they were selling for really cheap. I couldn't stop myself from bidding and we came home with Violet. She is a 2 year old Holstein Jersey cross. She is about 5 months pregnant. We started milking her that night and have been getting about a gallon a day which isn't a lot . But we hope when she calves we will be getting more. She is really sweet and very friendly we got lucky with that. The kids have been enjoying the fresh milk and when we get a little more from her I will start making our own dairy products. I think James was pretty happy that we ended up with the cow and not a goat.

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