Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jonah 8 months

Jonah is 8 months old and has learned some new tricks. He has learned to pick himself up in a plank position and then lung himself forward that is how he is getting all around the house. He talks a lot saying mama, dada, nunun (food) mmm(milk) lella(Bella). He does not like it when you say UH Oh to him and loud noises make him cry. He is a sensative little guy and very loving, When I pick him up  he alwayswraps his little arms around my neck and rests his face on me in an embrace and sometime gives me a nice open mouth kiss. He is a Mamas boy and show strong preference for me. He still is waking up at least once at night to nurse and has 6 teeth. He is very strong and its hard to get something he wants out of his grasp. I walked into get him up from a nap the other day and this is how I found him. We love Jonie!

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