Thursday, August 25, 2016

Royce, first day of school

Its such a strange feeling dropping your child off for the first day of school. You and they have been looking forward to it, but as I dropped Royce of this morning I had a strange urge to just sit there and watch him play. I didn't want to leave and then the tears came and I was a little stunned (this is my third child going to school shouldn't I be used to it). Shouldn't I rush home and enjoy the few extra minutes I have have to myself today? And here I am sitting at my computer pondering. I have had this sweet little boy all to myself for the past five years, the starting of school represents a the end of infancy and the beginning young boyhood. He has always been so independent and adventurous and I know he has never really been mine, he belongs to Heavenly Father but James and I have had the honor to love and care for him almost totally now I get to share him with his teachers and school. What a blessing he has been and will be to all those he comes in contact with. I love you tenderly Royce Benson.

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