Friday, October 23, 2015

Spot Light on Our Darling Darling (Shiloh)

As the time approaches that our darling little pumpkin is about to be pushed up the sibling ladder I wanted to write a little about how wonderful this little girl is. She is everything a baby girl should be, Sweet and attentive, adorable, cuddly and chubby. The other day Bella and I were making buns and Shiloh crawled up on the counter to help us, she would pick up pieces of dough and carefully put them on the pan. She is very eager to please and happy to be obedient. If she is starting to get tired I ask her"Shiloh do you want to go lay down on your soft pillow" and she get a silly grin and giggles. She has no problem keeping up with her older brothers and putting them in their place when needed, She likes to wrestle and tickle and run.
She loves to be loved and will take many breaks a day to come and snuggle, kiss or hug anyone who is interested. She has a beautiful smile that lights up the room. She loves to dance and sing and although she doesn't speak a lot of words yet she is constantly talking in baby jabber including folding her arms, closing her eyes, and saying her own prayers. She loves getting dressed up in cute outfit, getting her hair done and putting on shoes, she also loves being told how pretty she is! Oh how this child is cherished. We love you darling Shiloh.
Shiloh is currently 18 months and 25lbs

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