Friday, October 23, 2015

Home Sweet Home Missouri

Its good to be home after being gone for 7 weeks. I really like getting back into a routine with the kids. They had a lot of fun with shaving cream during this bath time

I walked outside one day and Royce had decided to wash the car for me. He later told me he wanted it to be shiny and new so other people would tell us how nice our car is. 

Myrtle Yesterdazes 2015: This is the one event that the town has a year. Below are the kids waiting for the parade at Grandpa Georges shop right on the main road. They got lots of candy!

They had real baby aligator and the kids got to pet them. We bought honey and pumpkins and there was a big turn out. Tons of people!

Slip n slide with baby shampoo. It made it very slippery

tractor train ride

Back to School. Although Luke is in public school we are still homeschooling Bella. She is such a good little girl and a great helper!

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