Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All Grown Up

Sat Feb 26 2011 at age 4 Luke wrote his name all by himself on the kitchen white board. I was shock and amazed because I knew he had been practicing writing but I had no idea he could do that. Good job Luke!

Luke also got a hair cut. I realize while down in San Antonio that the kid was getting hot with all that hair. Also he has had cradle cap which I thought was only for babies but apparently kids get it too. SO yucky!
I could not get this kid to make a serious face. At least its a cute one.Bella got a hair cut too! I have been nervous to cut her hair because at 3years I gave Luke a hair cute and all his baby blond was gone. I finally got sick of fighting with her about brushing her hair and constantly finding all kinds of nasty in it so off it went. I love it and so does she (after the initial shock that her hair was not going to be long like Rapunzel)

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Tracie said...

Great job writing your name Luke, woohoo!! And I LOVE his haircut, I can see his adorable face better. Bella's bob is too cute. If I cut Seri's hair it'd be into a bob, but I'm scared to cut off her curls :)