Friday, March 4, 2011

Pizza de Luca

Luke helped me cook Pizza today while Bella was napping. One burned arm and messy kitchen later we had a yummy meal. The cutest thing was when we were making the sauce he was eating it like cookie batter. He couldn't get enough!evidence of the sauce on his face


shari berry bo-berry said...

SO adorable! he reminds me so much of James!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you guys!

Tracie said...

We love making homemade pizzas too :) Luke is so darn handsome, such a big boy!!

John and Becky said...

LOVED all the new posts! Keep 'em comin!!

I was looking at your blog while I was watching my 2 year old niece. When the I scrolled over the pictures of Royce she said..."It's baby Brooklyn." So funny! I showed John and told him it's nice to know what a boy would look like.