Sunday, February 6, 2011

Royce Week 1

Sleep deprived mommy

The Mortensen Clan

Our little burrito

Snuggling and watching a show

Grandma Betty reading with Luke

"You can take him now mom"


witch, princess, fairy ??

Going to the Dr.

Royce stretching out on the couch

Bella drew this picture and when I asked her what it was she responded "It's a big storm cloud"!

Grandpa Marc and Royce nappin together

So cute in his little outfit. He later pooped all over it!

This is a video from the hospital right after he was born.


Becky Sorenson said...

I love seeing the pictures! Royce is so adorable. John and i thimk Brooklyn and him have the same nose...must be the Mortensen nose.

shari berry bo-berry said...

oh my goodness i could just gobble him up he is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love all the pics! thanks for sharing! i hate being so far away!

i died laughing at that pic of bella that said "you can take him now mom!" CLASSIC!

xoxo we love you!

Jessie said...

What an amazing little baby! It looks like you guys are doing great. Good luck with 3 kids :)

Tracie said...

Baby Royce is just so adorable, & I love all his dark hair! Love the pics of Luke & Bella w/ baby, those kiddos are getting so big :-D

Anonymous said...

Cute baby!
Haylie Heathington

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sara he is adorable looks alot like dad. But I can definately see how he looks like Luke and James. Haylie loves looking at your blog.
Heather (Your sister)

Kristene said...

Sara, Royce is beautiful! And BTW, I love his name! May the Lord bless your little family of FIVE abundantly! We love you... :)