Sunday, January 30, 2011

Royce Benson Mortensen

January 27th at 12:38pm
Weighing 9lb 11oz
22 3/4in long

Our sweet little boy has joined our family! We are overjoyed and completely in love with this little man! He is named after his Great Grandpa Roy and Great Uncle Bruce (we combined the 2) and his middle name is after the Prophet Ezra Taft Benson. Below is the story of his coming into the world.

We had originally planned a home birth from Royce but due to his delay in being born we opted to be induced I was one day shy of being 43 weeks according to my original due date, after Royce was born the Dr. said he looked like he was about a week and a half overdue.
We were suppose to be induced Weds night at 8pm but on our way out the door they called and canceled and rescheduled for the next morning Thursday, January 27 at 7:30. So that morning James went to get the kids from where they spent the night and dropped them off at our friend Cookie and Lesik's. Heather (James sister) and myself went to the hospital got registered and checked in.
At 9:30 the Dr. Cummings showed up and we talked about what was going to happen and he broke my water around 9:45am. He told me to walk around to get the baby to drop and to get contractions going. James and I walked around for a while and some medium contractions started going.
Sometime around noon the nurse wanted to check me and the contractions were getting stronger, I was at a 7 and from that point on everything happened super fast and it was kind of a blur. When she told me I was a 7 I freaked a little and started thinking I was going to be able to handle the pain. James and Heather were under strict instructions not to let them give me any pain medication even when I begged for it so when I started asking they did a good job diverting me. A few minutes later the nurse checked me again and I was at an 8. I told her I felt like I needed to push. She immediately got on the phone and paged the Dr. he was there within minutes and they got everything set up and within a few contractions I was pushing. Heather and James were helping me breath through the contraction and I just started pushing, all I could think was that I had to get the baby out before the next contraction because they hurt so bad and within minutes his head was out and they told me to wait so they could get his shoulders. After his shoulders were clear the Dr. let James pull the rest of him out and he handed the sweet angel to me. At the moment all I could think was I can't believe its over and then I realized I still didn't know the gender. I asked and no one else knew yet either so I picked up the blanket to looked and it was a Boy! This little man had a 14in head, I had told the Dr. when he was breaking my water that under no circumstances did I want an episiotomy and he reassured me he wouldn't and that I shouldn't even tear and he was right he did his job well that day and recovery has been great. Heather has been staying with us the past few days and helping out which has been so wonderful because I have been just enjoying snuggling and bonding with Royce and not being pregnant!


Kathryn said...

Yea Congratulations again! He's beautiful. I'm so happy for you. It's so great not being pregnant!

John and Becky said...

He is so adorable! We are so glad he is here and can't wait to see more pictures. Love you guys!

Alisha said...

Congratulations!! He's beautiful, and you are a champ for getting that big guy out without any drugs!!!

Tricia said...

He looks flawless! what a handsome little boy. I hope he is treating you well and sleeping lots! He looks so much like Luke and James :) Congrats you guys!!