Saturday, August 29, 2015

St George Vacation Summer 2015

James had two family reunions this summer one in August in Utah and one in September in CA so we decided that instead of driving to the west coast twice we would just rent a condo in St. George for a month and hang out. We are about 10 minutes from his parents and St. George has a ton to offer families.
family pic before chuch

Almost every morning we have been going for bike rides/ walks and hanging out at the park, it has been a lot of fun. This is the kids favorite park and its only about 2 minutes from the Sports Village condo we are staying at.

During the Family Reunion some of James family went to do baptisms for the dead. James joined them and the kids and I went to the visitor center and walked around the grounds. It a lovely place.

my attempt to take a picture of all my kids

The kids got to go swimming with their cousins in Grandma Betty's and Grandpa Marc's pool.

In downtown St. George there is a Library, Children's Museum, Splash pad, Carousel and nice grass field. We have hung out down there a lot. 

Handsome right!

Royce kissing the frog. Luckily he didn't change to a Prince

My drove out from Missouri and stayed with us for a couple weeks. It was nice to have her around to help us and just fun to spend time with her. She is pretty awesome!

Bella was really sad when Grandma went home. She loves, loves, loves her Grandma

We did this 300 piece puzzle as a family. Its missing a couple pieces cause we got it at the DI

Grandma and Grandpa Mortensen met us at a park/splash pad one morning then took the kids to Mc Donald's for lunch. Shiloh was smiling when she first came down but wanted to go again and was getting mad that we wouldn't let her.

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