Saturday, August 29, 2015

Homemade Pasta Yum!

I have been wanting a pasta maker forever so when I saw this little gem at thrift store I jumped at it.

Essentially the recipe is finely ground whole wheat flour mixed with a flour and water mixer till the pasta is the right texture (not to dry not to wet still kinda grainy) oh and a little salt. The fun part is you can add whatever seasoning you want like I added garlic and it was yum. 
My favorite part is that it taste so much better than store bought pasta and is so filling. It came with a half dozen attachments so we can make all kinds of different pasta: lasagna, macaroni, fettuccine ect.

Shiloh is my little Shadow, she loves being involved with whatever I am doing and she was more than happy to be my pasta taste tester. She could not get enough of it and it wasn't even cooked.

This is what happens when baby wants more and doesn't get it right away.

Then she decided she wanted to hold the camera. lol

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