Saturday, August 29, 2015

Forth of July 2015

So I am only a couple months behind in posts! Here is some pics from forth of July. We took the kids for pony rides in the morning. In the afternoon we had a barbecue at my sister Heather's house, the kids went swimming and played games. That night we drove into Thayer to watch the fireworks.

The girls were very excited to wear patriotic outfits! Such cuties. 

Grandpa George and Shiloh 

As we were driving into the driveway that night Royce announces that there is a Raccoon in our barn, James and I dismissed it as him just being silly but sure enough there was a raccoon and... a possum. I pulled the car up about 10 feet away from them, the possum hid behind the door but the raccoon just sat there and ate the dog food and would periodically look up at. Almost to say "hey guys whats up? Well to make a long story short and even though James and and felt sad about it, we can't have a raccoon hanging around so he killed it, the possum got away.

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