Saturday, August 29, 2015

Myrtle, Mo Farm

We have enjoyed living here. I almost title this post Garden of Eden but in reality it somewhere between that and the Lone and Dreary World. I will say this it is very Fertile there everything seems to grow and grow like crazy!

 front yard
 well house, we have a well but it is not functional right now one day we will fix it up but right now we are on city water.
 the barn, awesome doors right
 back yard

 three little piggies
 chicken coop
 The orchards in front of the fence and behind is the .

 James made this gate out of pallets.

 pond is on the right
 field that James burned this past winter, isn't it nice and green now!

 This is the horse that actually belongs to us. He is Bella's pony prince and he has proven himself to be a royal pain it the behind.d
 orchard and back of chicken coop and barn

One of our 2 cats Princess 
 James office and Man Cave.
Front Porch

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