Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Summer! 4th of July

One of the parks were watering the soccer field and we took the opportunity to have some fun!

We have been heading to the beach a couple times a week, the Luke and Bella just love it, and Royce just hangs out.

James and I started playing tennis a couple times a week early in the morning before he works, its fun (even though we are not very good).

The water park story time

4th of July!This was a really fun 4th of July, the kids really got into the festivities this year and we got to explain to them the meaning of the holiday. Our family is so grateful for all those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.
In the morning we went and played tennis and hung out at the park, we went our wards pancake breakfast and then to the 4th of July parade Downtown. The kids were so excited when the people in the floats started throwing candy, it was great!

We had some friends over that night with lots of yummy food and slip n slide fun

yes that's me getting pummeled by Luke at the bottom.

What would the 4th be without fireworks. James thoroughly enjoyed lighting off some little fire works and the kids got to use sparklers for the first time.

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john + becky said...

Happy 4th!! It sounds like you guys had a great holiday. John and I have recently started playing (or attempting) tennis, and love it. The slip n'slide looks so much fun and perfect with your hill.