Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miss Bella

Incredibly independent, sweet, shy, thoughtful, observant and very very creative with a large imagination. I love her to pieces. Bella's favorite things right now are Mermaids, Princesses, unicorns and everything pink and sparkly. The other morning Luke said he wanted to be a missionary when he grew up, Bella added "I do to! I want to be a Mermaid missionary". She loves to swim and has recently learned to put her face under water, she thinks she is breathing under water like Ariel and I haven't had the heart to tell her she is just holding her breathe. She also wants desperately to have long hair. After watching the Tangled movie she keeps telling me she wants me to brush her hair long, and I keep trying to explain that brushing doesn't make your hair longer. She loves getting her way and is very good at talking people into doing what she wants, especially her older brother and daddy. She is a beautiful singer and will randomly break out into song throughout the day, its like living in a live musical. We absolutely adore our girl!

Our bitter sweet (more sweet) relationship. I was doing my hair Sunday and Bella said "Your hair is cute mommy! I want mine to look just like your". Of course I agreed and quickly got to work on hers. After its was done she liked the braid but was a little upset I didn't "brush her hair long" like mine. lol

Bella and Grandpa George (Yes she is eating a crayon, I don't think she is over the oral fixation part of her development because she is constantly putting things in her mouth.)

Bella posing in the dress Nana Debbie made for her

Bella and James really do have a special relationship. It makes me so happy to know my daughter has such a wonderful man to look up to.

Bella also will randomly go up to people and tell them that she likes there purse or shoes, ect. It cracks me up every time.

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john + becky said...

Cute hair and such a sweet girl. She is a's so fun to hear what she is into these days and the cute things she does.