Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jackson's Baptism (Ohio Trip)

I got the chance to fly out to Ohio for my nephews baptism and of course Royce came with me. It was a lot of fun and a very touching occasion.

Aunt Shell and Charlotte meeting Royce for the first time. Of course he was a total ham the whole time we were there. People just like to surround him and admire his cuteness. Some how he worked my brother-in-law Lynn into rocking him to sleep each night. The kid has charisma.

Getting some love from Grandpa George and Nana Debbie

My goal

John Johnson house. Such a neat experience! I love this picture because these are actual step Joseph Smith stood on. We owe so much to him and those early pioneers. They sacrificed so much for us.

I was so greatful to be able to be part of Jackson's baptism. I am so happy for the decision he has made.
My sister and her sweet family

Royce melting the heart of my big brother Michael

The LDS historical site in Kirtland,Oh


That is an actual chair the Whitney's owned

Nail were very valuable in pioneer days so when they would move they would pull the nails from the walls and take them with them. They each had to be hand crafted by a blacksmith.

The gang

The silver container in the bassinet was a baby bottle. I kinda want one. So neat!

James has been wanting a new ironing board so I took a picture of this and asked him if this is what he had in mind.

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john + becky said...

That is so fun you (and Royce) were able to go to your nephew's baptism. And to see some sites while you were there. Royce is the CUTEST!! I cannot wait to meet him here soon!