Saturday, May 21, 2011

Luke's 1st 5K and Mud Run!

Our stake sponsored a 5k mud run on a beautiful property one of the ward members owns (Its actually only about a mile from our home, its the same place they had the father-son camp-out last weekend). We had been playing with the idea of having Luke do it with me, I knew he could probably handle the distances (We go for mile long walk/jogs almost daily) I was just worried about the obstacles. When we got there we notice there weren't a lot of little kids doing it so we decided it might be a little challenging for a four year old, but as everyone was lining up at the start line Luke declared that he was coming with me and I wont lie it warmed my heart right to the core to think of him having a passion for running, so of course I brought him with me.

I have loved running for a long time. It really started in 8th grade when I got 2nd place in the school Turkey trot 5K, then in high school I ran cross country and in my single day I ran 2 full marathons. I even talked James into running a half marathon (which he ended up collapsing from heat stroke during and pretty much ended his desire to run long distances). Someday I hope to have time to run more than a few miles at a time, but for now I have other priorities.

They had lots of fun obstacles like wading chest deep through a lake, lots of sticky mud in which your shoes fell off in (next time I will either wear combat boots or tie mine and Luke's shoes on super tight!). There was a mountain of tires, climbing through sticks and all kinds of other fun!

Luke was a champ, he loved the mud and crawling on his belly through it. We finish at 52 minutes, which I thought was pretty great for a four year old and me an old lady, but we were actually the last to cross the finish line. After it was over we found out that Luke was the youngest participant. Since it was a ward verses ward effort we actually won first place, which was pretty fun to tell Luke.

Runners and Cheerleaders

The wall of tires

Bashful Luke


Kathryn said...

Wow!! That truly is amazing! I'm so proud of you two! We're bummed that Tyson's blast ball was cancelled due to wet fields (we found that out last night) then we didn't put it together until this morning that we (meaning Colt) could have done the mud run! Seriously way to go Sara and Luke! You're a super mom to take your 4 year old and help him through, but I guess if I was passionate about running I'd feel the same way as you and want him to come along.

Becky Sorenson said...

That looks like so much fun, and what a great idea! And you're such a great mom to do that w/ Luke. That is great he was the youngest participant and completed it.