Thursday, May 26, 2011


You can't escape the silly-ness in the Mortensen home!

Poor sweet Bella has been having a rough couple weeks. It started about 2 1/2 weeks ago when she broke out in hives on her face. It started spreading all over her body and the sores wouldn't heal. Finally last Mon the 16th I took her to the Doc. Bella had a bacterial staff infection from itching so she needed antibiotic. We started her on one type. The sores didn't get worse but they didn't go away so last Friday the Doc switch her to a different type (which was actually a pill that she has to swallow and thank goodness Bella is a champ at that) Well the sores have finally been healing but her hive keep coming and going. Today they came back with a vengeance. Poor thing is all scratched up, red and swollen. I called the Doc and they said to switch from giving her Claretin to Allegra and they want to start her on some steroids. I really don't want to give her steroids. I have heard awful things about them. I am hoping that the Allegra will clear things up for her. Its really sad, she wakes up every night crying cause she is so itchy and uncomfortable.My garden. This has definately been a year of learning but its starting to look good. We have harvested a few crock neck squash and a handfull of peas. I noticed yesterday that one of my tomato plants has flower. Lets keep our fingers crossed... Here are a few key points I want to remember for next year
  • Start my tomatoes seeds early like January as well as plant spinach and lettuce then
  • As much as I want a organic garden it is more challenging than I thought with the crazy bugs here in TX. Give in to the pesticides.
  • Try to keep plants near each other of the same type so they can pollinate each other
  • Mulch with old leaves it prevents weed, help keep the soil moist and fertilizes the soil.
  • Thats all I can think of now but I am sure there is more.
This is a birds nest on our front porch. If you look closely you can see a baby in there. Its a little scary looking

We were teaching Luke to take pics. He took this one.

Royce in all his glorious cuteness


Kathryn said...

Cute cute cute! Congrats on your garden! That's exciting. Poor Bella. Did the Doctor mention testing her to find out what's causing the hives so you can just prevent them instead of taking steroids? I had bad hives for a little while when I was 12. They tested me and found I was allergic to everything! I basically could only eat rice and gave away my dog. Then I gradually started eating everything again. Now I eat anything i want and have dogs. Go figure!

John and Becky said...

The garden is awesome.
Hilarious pictures of Luke.
Poor sweet Bella.
I could look at Royce's cute face all day long!!