Friday, May 27, 2011

Royce 4 months

Oh how he has grown. Its absolute amazes me. He is 4 months today.
Weight 18.3 (92%)
Length 27 1/2 in (100%)
Head 17 1/2 (100%)

He is keeping right up there in size with where Luke was. He has been rolling over like a champ (from his back to his stomach) for a couple weeks now, getting into all kinds of trouble. He is grabbing anything he can get his cute little hands on and shoving it immediately in his mouth. He is Smiling and laughing all the time (especially at the strange dinosaur noise Luke makes). He is such a sweet boy. I was just thinking yesterday that I am pretty sure it easier to have 3 kids than it was to have one. For a few reason. First, I feel more confident and have a little more experience being a mother. Second, Royce has been such a gem. Third, I have little helpers biting at the nip constantly to help me out and trying to make their baby brother smile.

This was poor little Bella's face this morning. I opted to start her on the steroids, she has just been miserable. I also got a referral to an allergist so we can get her tested and hopefully find out what is causing this reaction.


shari berry bo-berry said...

royce is such a cutie!

and poor bella! i hope you find out what's causing that! doesn't look like it's any fun!

Becky Sorenson said...

Poor Bella!! Hope that clears up soon!

Oh Royce - seriously soooo cute. I can't believe he and B are 4 months old already.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Bella. Bradley recently broke out in hives but we knew he was allergic to the fabric softener, and he went to stay with Mario's mom and she washed his clothes. Raw Honey is supposed to do wonders for allergies. Has to be raw unheated. I have heard of applying it topically as well. Something about what those bees put in the honey. YOu should try it out. Steroids are a mess. I am sure you will do what is best.