Sunday, May 29, 2011

He gets it

We were having our morning devotional a couple days ago. I was reading the children the bible story about Jesus's trial before his crucifixion. After I got done reading I asked the kids if it was right or wrong for those people to kill Jesus. (of course I was looking for the simple "its wrong to kill people answer") but Luke's response shocked me. He said "It was okay for them to kill Jesus". A little confused I asked him why he thought that. He responded with more insight than I thought his four years could provide. He said "Jesus had to die for our sins so it's okay". James and I looked at each other a little stunned, not sure how to respond to that. Then James went on to explain in deeper detail how it was right and wrong. It amazed me that at his young age he get it, maybe not completely but he understands what are savior did for us and that it was necessarily. I read a good quote the other day. "Kids are like snow bank while they are young they are just collecting information like snow until someday it can melt and sink in". Michelle Duggar
How true!

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