Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Luke drew this picture. He is the one who also wrote Bella's name. I asked him who was in the picture (the pink n purple drawing) and he responded a little confused that it was a tyrannosaurus. I later realized it was obviously a T-Rex by the fact that it has two fingers and three toes, so funny. The other person in this picture is me with baby Royce in my tummy. Cracks me up!

Bella drew this. The big image is Ariel and the smaller one is her. Later she added baby Royce in Orange. She also drew a B on Ariel's stomach which I was impressed by cause I just taught her to write those today.We were playing Go-Fish and Royce insisted on holding the cards. (He is obviously thinking very hard about his next move)

We were out on Memorial Day and just happened to drive by this Memorial cemetery and took the opportunity to show it to the kids and explain the meaning behind the day. It was a nice experience.

(This is my favorite tree in our yard, its our butterfly tree, last year when we moved in there were dozens of butterflys swarming it daily, its so pretty)

These pictures crack me up because this is seriously what we wear on a daily basis and I have no shame about it. There is no use getting dressed nice when you know you are just going to go out and get dirty. Its kinda liberating

These are some squash grown in our garden. We picked them this morning and below is what we had for breakfast. There is something really cool about eating a meal grown in your own garden.
(onions with squash fresh spinach and steak seasoning. Fresh and yummy)
I am just so happy that I actually grew something. That may seem silly but seriously the first year James and I were married he bought me a flower plant and it died within a week because I didn't realize I needed to put it in the sun. I always thought I just didnt have a green thumb but apparently these things can be learned. I still have a long way to go, but am enjoying learning.


shari berry bo-berry said...

"apparently these things can be learned" is the best quote I've heard in a long time!!! i need to remind myself that just because i'm not great at something, it doesn't mean i can't learn to be! thanks!

i love all the pictures and seeing your house and yard...post more! i have no idea what it looks like where you live and I'd love to know! that tree is gorgeous!


John and Becky said...

I think you and James dress like John and I. Except for days I have to go in to work, (and church of course), what is the point in getting dressed up?? Glad you do it too :)

Love the pictures of your house..like Shari said..post more!