Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Funny Bella

So Bella has been on the steroids now for five days. Her hives are looking better but she is still itching and has sores that don't seem to be healing, we made an appointment with the dermatologist so hopefully the poor thing can get a little relief. She has been waking up several times at night just crying and screaming cause it itches. The steroids have made her a little loopy she has just been all over the place and doing all kinds of random stuff as well as having a unusually large appetite. We had a couple funny moments yesterday.

We were driving in the car.

Bella calming says "Mom I'm wet".
Sara "Why are you wet Bella".
Bella unconcerned says "Um, I think I peed"?
Sara "You peed in your pants"?
Bella " Yeah".
It was way to funny of a conversation for me to be upset. She has been potty trained for 5 months now and is usually very upset and uncomfortable when she has an accident.

We got home and were getting out of the van. I noticed Bella had made a unnecessarily massive mess in the back seat with a snack we had given her.
I said "Hey Bella did you make this mess"?
Bella calmly responded "Yeah Mom sometimes people spill".
I said smiling "Oh okay".
She responded unconcerned "Yeah sometimes it happens".

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John and Becky said...

She is such a funny girl. I especially like the "yeah it happens.." :)